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At MovieAce we believe in making available those classic and hard to find movies that you won't find in your local video or movie store. For example, we have a huge selection of movies by the marx brothers,mae west,judy garland and other classic movie actresses and actors.  Our comedy section is well stocked with movies by all of today's comedians as well as classic movie comics such as jerry lewis, red skelton and lucille ball.  We do not neglect new movie releases however. Our movie catalog features all of the latest dvd and vhs movies as soon as they are releases and you can even pre order dvd and vhs movies so that you can be the first to own the movie as soon as the dvd or vhs is released. We have classic movies including silent movies, colorized movies. 
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    Featured Movies and Box Sets:

    The Life of David Gale (Widescreen Edition) The Life of David Gale (Widescreen Edition)
    ~ DVD widescreen dvd edition
    Kevin Spacey (American Beauty) plays David Gale, a brilliant but hard-drinking anti-death penalty crusader on death row for a rape and murder that he claims he didn't commit. The victim of the crime is Gale's close friend and anti-death penalty colleague (Laura Linney, You Can Count On Me), so Gale argues that he's been set up to discredit the cause. Committed journalist Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet, Titanic) takes it upon herself to figure the whole thing out     More ...

    M*A*S*H - Season Four (Collector's Edition) M*A*S*H - Season Four (Collector's Edition)
    ~ DVD boxed set - television series
    In this box set, season four, we are introduced to two new characters, who stayed with the show until the end. First, there's Trapper's replacement: BJ Hunnicut. A married man, who stays true to his wife, back home. That was heavily emphasized, different than Trapper. BJ sure had some corny humor.     More ...

    Vampire Princess Miyu - Ultimate Set (Complete Series + CD) Vampire Princess Miyu - Ultimate Set (Complete Series + CD)
    ~ DVD collection anime
    Although Toshihiro Hirano (Magic Knight Rayearth) directed these broadcast episodes, they lack the panache of the earlier OAVs; both were based on the manga created by his wife, Narumi Kakinouchi. This version of Miyu is less aloof; she enrolls in a Tokyo school and makes a few friends. Larva is more of a companion than a servant, and his mask conceals the face of a bishonen (beautiful boy). He and Miyu are joined by Shina, a spirit who resembles a cross between a rabbit and a Pokémon Clefairy.     More ...

    Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition) (2002) Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)
    ~ DVD box set Carl Sagan - television series
    When Cosmos was first broadcast in 1980, our world--and the context of Carl Sagan's eloquent "personal journey" --was a different place. The late Dr. Sagan would be pleased to witness the cooling of the cold war, the continued exploration of space, and ongoing efforts to curb our destructive dependence on fossil fuels.     More ...

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